Prostate Cancer
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  • Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer for American men
  • 1 out of 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in his life
  • It is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men
  • 1 in 36 American men will die from prostate cancer
  • 90% of prostate cancers are found before they spread
  • Only men can get prostate cancer
  • Half of people with prostate cancer are diagnosed after the age of 72

About Prostate Cancer
  • The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system that produces semen
  • Women do not have a prostate, which is why they cannot get prostate cancer
  • The risk of receiving prostate cancer increases with age
  • It is often caused by the enlargement of the prostateexternal image prostate-cancer-chart.jpg
  • It is a very slow-growing cancer
    • o The ten year survival rate after diagnosis is nearly 100%
    • o Since many men get this cancer at a very old age and it is slow growing, it is common to die with prostate cancer but not as a result of prostate cancer

Treatment and Prevention
  • Treatment options for prostate cancer depend on the grade and stage of cancer, your age, and other factors
  • When caught early, the four options for treatment are:
    • o Surgery
    • o Radiation therapy
    • o Watchful waiting (wait to see what happens)
    • o Hormone therapy (usually only used in older men)
    • Chemotherapy is only used during advanced stages or in recurring cases of prostate cancer
    • Men over the age of 50 should get an annual prostate examination

Symptomsexternal image prostate-cancer-stages.jpg
  • Difficulty starting or stopping urination
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain during ejaculation
  • Frequent urination